Sitecore User Group Europe Tour in Poznan!

Very soon, on 29 October as a part of Sitecore User Group Europe Tour we are going to have great guests from USA:

  • Jason Wilkerson (Sitecore Architect & MVP @ Wilkerson Consulting)
  • Akshay Sura (Sitecore MVP @Konabos Consulting)

Furthermore we will have another special guest who is Adam Najmanowicz (Senior Product Manager Sitecore responsible for SXA).

We would like to invite everyone to participate in our event. Please register on our website

SUGPL Meetup – 23 March 2018 – Warsaw

We would like to invite you to take a part in incoming meeting of Sitecore User Group Poland on 23 March 2018 in Warsaw.

Meetup is going to start at 17:30 in intive’s office. Venue address is:
1 Sierpnia 8 street, Building A, Warsaw

Participants will have a chance to listen following presentations:

  • “Connecting frontend and backend using NitroNet Sitecore.” – Dawid Jachowicz from Unic
  • “Headless CMS. Sitecore JSS getting started, tips and tricks” – Artsem Prashkovich & Ihar Pauliuk from Brimit
  • “SXA in real life example” – Szymon Kuźniak from intive

We would like to thanks also to our sponsors – thank you:

See you all on the meetup!

Welcome on board!

We would like to inform all of you that two new MVPs have decided to join to our group.

Welcome on board Robert Dębowski i Robert Senktas – two new MVPs awarded in 2018 !

We hope to see them soon in action during incoming meetings of Sitecore User Group Poland.

We have got a plan to organize meeting in March – please follow our channels because you cannot missed it!


Cracow – 1 december 2017 – Sitecore User Group Poland

On 1 December 2017 in Cracow took place next Sitecore User Group Poland meetup. From meetup to meetup, number of Sitecore enthusiasts is growing – this time we had more that 40 guests who were there to share knowledge.

We have started preparations of meetups in 2018 – so stay with us and be ready for announcements on our :

In Cracow we had three presentations conducted by four speakers.

“Sitecore 9 xConnect how tos, xConnect and Marketing Automation” conducted by Daniil Raschupkin and Alexei Vershalovich from Brimit (Belarus).

“100% Availability – Scale your System landscape and processes waterproof” conducted by Sebastian Winter from Metro (Germany).

“Sitecore 9 – what’s new for Developers, DevOps and Content Authors” conducted by Tomasza Juranek from SoftServe (Poland).

All presentations are available on our YouTube channel.

Photos from the event are available here: click.

Meetup would not be possible without our great sponsors:

  • Sabre – thanks for organization, sharing the office, great goodies and support of networking
  • Sii – thanks for organization, covering costs of our guest
  • intive – thanks for devices required to streaming and promotion of the event
  • SoftServe – thanks for Sitecore books
  • Possible – thanks for sponsoring of drinks and promotion of the event
  • Sitecore – thanks for goodies and promotion of the event

We are really happy to see that so many companies have decided to support Sitecore User Group in Poland.

See you all in 2018!

Poznan – 6 october 2017 – Sitecore User Group Poland

We have a great pleasure to announce that 2nd Sitecore User Group Poland meeting was a great success!
Around 30 people (including 4 Sitecore MVPs) met in Poznan at Cognifide office to hear speaches from Sitecore experts and discuss Sitecore related topics.
Przemek Taront (Cognifide) demonstrated hidden gems of SXA and Radek Kozłowski (Valtech) intruduced attendees into the Sitecore Data Exchange Framework world.
Four “Professional Sitecore 8 Development” books (sponsored by SoftServe) were given to the most active attendees, pizza and beer (sponsored by Cognifide) helped to put everyone in good mood, and thanks to gadgets from Sitecore no one went home with empty hands.
Thanks to everyone who helped us to organize the meeting and to all the participants. We hope to see you again at 3rd SUG Poland meeting!

Our sponsors websites:

We are sending also huge thanks to Tomasz Juranek (SoftServe) who was doing everything what possible to be in Poznan,  but because of bad weather he wasn’t able to show his presentation. Tomek shared what he prepared on his blog – you will find this here:

As always, we also have got some photos from the event – you will find them on our Facebook group : Sitecore User Group Poland

Currently we are working on next event. If you want to join to as a speaker or sponsor, let us know. If you want to attend and listen our speakers just read messages on our channels.

Please also remember that you can join to our groups:

Bialystok – 15 september 2017 – Sitecore User Group Poland

First meeting of SUGPL went to history.

On 15 September 2017 in Bialystok we met each other with about 30 other Sitecore developers from Bialystok and Warsaw.

Meetup was proudly supported by sponsors:

About Sitecore and its capabilities were speaking:

All photos which you will find here are done by Michał Janucik.

On 6 October we are going to meet again – this time in Poznań.

Sitecore User Group Poland – We are starting!


We are starting a new chapter in the history of Sitecore community in Poland. Before that moment we had an opportunity to organize “Sitecore Community Poland”, but we have decided to create completely new , open for everyone initiative. So starting from now you should remember about “Sitecore User Group Poland” – abbreviation SUGPL.

You should be aware of that SUGPL is supported by a few notable Polish Sitecore MVPs (Adam Najmanowicz, Marek Musielak, Łukasz Skowroński, Radosław Kozłowski, Alan Płócieniak). Thanks to that we are able to provide to all of you, the knowledge about all Sitecore news and actual standards.

One of our main goals is to create as many local Sitecore User Groups as possible – so if you think about creation of local user group – just let us know and we will help you with that!

We also introduce public and available for everyone policy to be sure that everyone will know how SUGPL works and also to provide clear rules for our sponsors.

We have prepared also completely new information channels to provide for you information about incoming events and other important things. Currently you can find us here:

In case you would need urgent contact, you will find all contact information in “contact” section of this website.

That is all for today – stay in touch with us – soon we will organize first SUGPL event.

Best regards!