Sitecore User Group Poland (SUGPL) it is organization which promotes Sitecore in Poland and abroad, but our main gole is a knowledge sharing.

SUGPL has support of all Polish MVP’s (also retired) :

  • Adam Najmanowicz
  • Marek Musielak
  • Łukasz Skowroński
  • Radosław Kozłowski
  • Alan Płócieniak
  • Robert Dębowski
  • Robert Senktas

Rules of our activites are defined inside policies document which you will find on our website.

Thanks to bigger group and published official rules we are able to provide equal treatment for all sides (users and sponsors).

If you want to join to our team, local group or you want create your own group – feel free to ask us for details and support.

If you want to be a sponsor of our events – do not hesitate to contact with as.


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